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At Bast Commercial Group, we understand that selecting the right type of lease is crucial for both landlords and tenants. Our Net Lease Property Brokerage services are designed to help you find the perfect lease option that suits your needs and ensures a mutually beneficial arrangement. Below, we explore the three primary lease options we offer and their unique benefits. Whether you are a landlord seeking reliable tenants or a tenant looking for a compatible leasing opportunity, our expertise can guide you to the best choice for your commercial needs.

Lease Options

Triple Net (NNN) Lease

A Triple Net (NNN) lease places the responsibility of property taxes, insurance, and common area maintenance (CAM) on the tenant, in addition to the base rent. This lease type shifts the risk of variable operating expenses to the tenant, making it popular among landlords. For tenants, an NNN lease often means a lower base rent but requires them to handle and budget for additional costs. This lease is ideal for businesses that want greater control over their property expenses.

Key Benefits for Landlords:

  • Reduced risk of variable operating expenses
  • Potential for higher returns

Key Benefits for Tenants:

  • Potentially lower base rent
  • Greater control over property-related expenses

Modified Gross (MG) Lease

The Modified Gross (MG) lease is a hybrid between the Triple Net and Full Service leases. In an MG lease, both the landlord and tenant share the responsibility for property expenses. Typically, the landlord covers some operating expenses, such as property taxes or insurance, while the tenant handles other costs like utilities and janitorial services. This lease offers a balance, providing predictability in base rent while allowing tenants to manage some of their expenses.

Key Benefits for Landlords:

  • Shared responsibility reduces overall risk
  • Stable and predictable base rent income

Key Benefits for Tenants:

  • Predictable base rent
  • Flexibility to influence operational expenses

Full Service (FS) Lease

A Full Service (FS) lease, also known as a gross lease, includes all property expenses within the base rent. The landlord covers property taxes, insurance, CAM, utilities, and other operational costs. For tenants, this lease option provides simplicity and predictability, requiring only a single, all-inclusive rent payment. It is attractive for tenants who prefer not to manage property expenses and want to avoid unexpected costs.

Key Benefits for Landlords:

  • Simplified billing and expense management
  • Ability to attract tenants seeking convenience

Key Benefits for Tenants:

  • All-inclusive rent payment simplifies budgeting
  • No need to manage or budget for property expenses

Why Choose Bast Commercial Group?

At Bast Commercial Group, we pride ourselves on offering expert guidance and tailored solutions for your leasing needs. Whether you’re a landlord looking to maximize your property’s potential or a tenant in search of the perfect space, our experienced team is here to help you every step of the way.

  • Expert Curation: We provide a curated selection of properties that meet your specific needs.
  • Comprehensive Support: From initial consultation to final lease agreement, we offer comprehensive support to ensure a smooth and successful leasing process.
  • Detailed Property Reports: We include comprehensive property reports and market insights to help you make informed decisions.
  • Customized Solutions: Our services are tailored to match your unique requirements, ensuring optimal leasing outcomes.

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